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We help you plan, engineer, build and integrate collaborative communications projects. Our process minimizes the total costs associated with integrating your rooms and transforms what would otherwise be a difficult, costly and unpredictable experience into a low-stress, less expensive and predictable process.

Network & Infrastructure

Management and security solutions provide the tools necessary to centrally monitor and implement enterprise video collaboration and enable seamless communication.

User Interfaces

User interface design requires a strong understanding of room needs, functionality requirements, task analysis, usability testing, and the actual look and feel of the room.


Regardless of size, your rooms are where decisions are made, deals are signed, and breakthroughs emerge. As the hub for communication, your room should be done your way.

Integrated Audio

A vital part of modern conferencing, is the sound reinforcement system – ensure that your meeting participants are able to hear and collaborate with everyone on the call.

Custom Rooms

Your meeting rooms are an extension of you and your business and they should be done your way. Take the first step and contact us today to start designing!

Integrated Maintenace

Prime Call Support provides access to our highly trained and certified technicians to ensure reliable operation and longer life for your integrated A/V and conferencing facilities.


Let us help you with your budget. Whether it’s now or later - we know you’ll need budgetary numbers to get started.

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Let’s chat. It’s on us. See how your competitors are doing it and with our team right beside you, see how you can stay one step ahead.

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Take back your time. We can be so much more than a vendor. Let us show you how we can be an extension of your team.

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Workforce collaboration needs are changing, and meeting rooms need to change with them. Check out our advanced search to take a look at all our partners and collaboration solutions.